In 2014, I led all design as our team at Envoy built Blossom, the Smart Watering Controller. During the course or 10 months our team designed and developed a new product, built a brand and marketing story and launched a new company that has raised millions of dollars from influential venture capitalist and opened up big box retail channels like Best Buy.


Our team at Envoy built Blossom from the ground up. We created Blossom – the smart watering controller that self-programs your sprinkler system based on real-time weather forecasts and yard-specific plant types.


The average homeowner wastes more than 50% of their irrigation due to archaic sprinkler controllers. Many do have the ability to adjust the water usage, but the process is complicated and time-consuming. Thanks to the growing momentum of Nest and other connected smart home products, the β€œIoT” (Internet of Things) category has exploded in popularity over recent years. Many of these products are designed to simplify interactions inside the home, but overlook the expansive area outside the home, thus contributing to a serious global issue. In this, we saw great opportunity to take a product that consumers never thought of and make it much more thoughtful.


Other Key Contributors

I've been privileged to work alongside many talented people. Here are some folks that plated a key role in helping this project come together. 

  • Ryan Rommelfanger
  • John Choura
  • Raul Rea
  • Ryan Simon
  • Ty Lifeset
  • Zack Travis
  • Patrick Yandoc
  • Meredith Byer