Skyllzone Fantasy Football


SKYLLZONE's Fan Vs. Machine is a Fantasy Football experience that let's players participate in a weekly draft and compete against nine "Machines" each week. The game is based around the the drafting experience that, which for most fantasy football enthusiasts, is one of the most exciting and entertaining parts of the playing. 


Nearly every other weekly/daily fantasy sports apps limited their draft experiences to a "pick-em" style, but Skyllzone was designed and built as the first to give you the full draft experience each week, in a simulated, easy and fast way.

Together with IAC, we spent 7 months scoping, prototyping, testing and building the first version of Skyllzone. Later we release a basketball version as well. 



Other Key Contributors

I've been privileged to work alongside many talented people. Here are some folks that plated a key role in helping this project come together. 

  • IAC
  • Michael Vu