Let's collab.  
Currently open for both short-term and long-term projects.  


By The HR, WeeK or MOnth

Working together is simple. You buy my time and I'm yours. This gives you the  ability and flexibility to explore and deliver the best results without limitations.  It allows us to work closely together to go deep into your needs and explore many options. This is completely your time to have me explore any areas of design within your organization, brand or product.  The project can change daily, or we can stick to one thing. It's totally up to you. 



The minimum is set to ensure you get the most back out of any project. This allows me to clear my schedule to focus solely on your project. 


+ Personal Slack Channel
+ Real-Time Collaboration with Figma
+ Clear Documentation
+ Clean Handoffs to Your Team
+ 50% Payment Upfront / 50% on Completion
+ Rights to all Files

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